500L-3000L three-layer water tank blow molding machine

500L-3000L large blow molding machine used to produce from 500L to 3000L storage water tank, with modular design make the blow molding machine to easy install,adopt the servo pump ,more energy efficient .the latest temperature control system is used to ensure adaptation to the world’s climate .super high cost performance characteristics make our blow molding machine have broad market prospects.

In order to adapt to the market demands, improve production efficiency, save costs, and increase waste utilization.we are continue to innovate and invest a lot of money to research and development.from one layer to three layers extruder system was successful developed, the utilization rate of recycle material improve 3 times.at same time ,the blow molding machine use the HDPE or HMWHDPE ,ensure the tank more stronger ,have a longer life.compared to traditional Roto moulding ,blow molding machines have a huge advantage

Max.Product capacityL200030005000
Die quantitySet111
Machine dimensionM10.0×6.3×7.510.5×7.0×7.510.8×13.0×8.0
Machine weightTon4870110
Clamping Unit    
Clamping forceKN180022003000
Distance between platensmm1000-30001200-34001300-3600
Platen sizemm1800×20002200×24003000×4000
Total powerKW325350600
Average energy consumptionKW180250360
Hydraulic drive powerKW22×222×222×2
Air pressureMpa111
Air consumptionm³/min457
Extruder unit    
Screw diametermm90×3100×3120×3
Screw L/D ratioL/D252525
Plasticising capacityKg/hr170×3200×3400×3
Quantity of screw heating zoneZone4×35×36×3
Extruder heating powerKW21×325×332×3
Extruder driving powerKW55×375×3132×3
Quantity of die heating zoneZone5810
Power of die heatingKW8090100
Max.diameter of diemm600800900
Accumulator capacityL70110200
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