HB100N Blow Molding Machine (Max:160L)

This machine can help you to make the Max. Volume as 160Liter in the jerrycan/drums. It’s widely used to make 80L~160L jerrycan. This machine is with 18L accumulator type in the die head, 100 point parison controller, bottom blowing device and take-out device. The Max.weight of the plastic jerrycan can be 7.5~8.5KGS. You can have the options in the servo motor in the hydraulic system, Tie-bar less in the clamping platen. We can make the most suitable configuration according to your requirement in you new project.

Material PE.PP.ABS…
Max.Product capacityL160
Output(dry Cycle)Pc/hr300
Machine dimensionM6.8×3.3×5.0
Machine weightTon19
Clamping Unit  
Clamping forceKN360-560
Distance between platensmm600-1400
Platen sizemm1100×1400
Total powerKW60
Average energy consumptionKW90
Hydraulic drive powerKW22
Air pressureMpa0.8
Air consumptionm³/min0.8
Extruder unit  
Screw diametermm100
Screw L/D ratioL/D30
Plasticising capacityKg/hr200
Quantity of screw heating zoneZone5
Extruder heating powerKW25.1
Extruder driving powerKW75
Quantity of die heating zoneZone5
Power of die heatingKW26
Max.diameter of diemm550
Accumulator capacityL20
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