KB120 Double Color Blow Molding Machine (Max:1000L)

This model we use the patent mold head technology, specially produces the same product different color blow molding products, the use scope: toolbox, toy, table, transportation facilities and so on

Specifications Units HB160L
Material PE.PP.ABS…
Max.Product capacity L 160
Die quantity Set 1
Machine dimension M 6.8×3.3×5.0
Machine weight Ton 19
Clamping Unit
Clamping force KN 360-560
Distance between platens mm 600-1400
Platen size mm 1100×1400
Total power KW 78
Average energy consumption KW 35
Hydraulic drive power KW 22
Air pressure Mpa 0.8
Air consumption m³/min 0.8
Extruder unit
Screw diameter mm 100
Screw L/D ratio L/D 25
Plasticising capacity Kg/hr 140-200
Quantity of screw heating zone Zone 5
Extruder heating power KW 25.1
Extruder driving power KW 55/75
Quantity of die heating zone Zone 5
Power of die heating KW 26
Max.diameter of die mm 450
Accumulator capacity L 12/15/20
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