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HB90 Max60L Blow Molding Machine

The cheap accumulation blow molding machine is suitable for producing medium and large blow molding products using HDPE and ABS. The weight of the blow molding products covered is between 1KG-40KG.

Special design according to the processing performance of raw materials (high efficiency screw), material: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding treatment, hardness ≥800, brittleness ≤2 grade. Suitable for new materials, broken materials, recycled materials. Inverter + AC motor + hard gear reducer drive.

Accumulator die head, single cylinder, central injection, vertical FIFO design, smooth flow path of die head; The shooting piston and cylinder block slide each other moving parts, using different materials and technology, to ensure smooth and reliable movement of parts. The molten material extruded from the extrusion system flows through the inner core assembly of the die head, and is divided into two parts, each side envelope, through the die head flow channel divide and form two peach-shaped sections.

Fixed opening and closing mechanism, diagonal double pull rod single cylinder center locking, pull rod across the template oblique arm guide sleeve, pull rod plated hard role processing, High hardness, more stable clamping, more uniform clamping force, template space, strength, no deformation, mold disassembly is convenient, Linear rolling guide, central cylinder locking mold, mold closing speed.

Optional blowing needle up and down, support material, sealing and other functions; According to customer or product requirements to improve production efficiency.

With lifting function, hydraulic motor or motor drive. Increase the size of the transmission rod to ensure the transmission force, large lifting size, adapt to mold changes.

Hydraulic main system adopts servo system, proportional pressure, flow control, with oil pressure feedback, mold closing response speed, more accurate output,

More stable operation, high pressure, large torque, no pressure, flow loss, the system is more energy saving, long service life and so on. Hydraulic servo system adopts position, speed double closed-loop design, equipped with MOOG 100-point wall thickness controller, servo valve, control curve tracking more precision and other characteristics.

Electric control system adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC for the whole machine action program control; WEINVIEW LCD display and touch screen for communication, parameter setting, modification and screen display; Each process parameter can be set and modified directly, and has a more perfect fault diagnosis function, screen operation is intuitive, convenient.

Safety electric eye double protection, with large safety distance, more accurate reflection characteristics.

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